Clinical Information


Lab work is ordered based on medical necessity, or as requested by the patient. This option for testing is a key component for identifying current or potential problems. We continue to learn and research our technologies to ensure our care is as comprehensive and beneficial to you as our patient. Some testing we can do in our office, but most are sent out to an independent facility. We do our best to choose a facility within your insurance network to reduce out of pocket cost, however it is difficult to stay current on all physicians and facilities as these status can change periodically and we do not always get notified. Please become familiar with your lab benefits, as well as office/medical benefits.


If you are having an emergency dial 911 or go to the ER.

We do our best to answer all calls as they are received, however if we are with a patient either on another line or in the practice your call may be forwarded to voicemail. All staff reviews their message as quickly as possible as they are received. We are ensuring there are no urgent medical issues that require immediate attention and then returning calls based on that need or in the order they were received. In most cases you should hear back from our staff within a couple hours, especially if they are seeing patients in the office with the physician. If your call is received after 4pm and is not deemed a medical urgency you may not receive a call back until the next business day. Leaving multiple messages only delays the return of your call as well as other patients. We ask you leave a detailed reason for your call so we can best determine what needs to be done and at what priority level. We ask you never leave a message if you feel you may be in labor or if there is reason to believe your life or the life of your baby is in jeopardy. You will have the option to press zero when you are in a voicemail box and you donít feel it is appropriate to leave a message. At any point you feel too much time is being spent contacting our office and you need more immediate attention. Hang up and call 911.

When leaving a message please speak slowly and clearly and make sure the following information is provided:

  • State and spell your first and last name
  • State your date of birth
  • State the reason for your call

Also keep in mind when we call you back it may be in between patients or during a small window of opportunity. We realize your time is valuable and you are busy at times too, however if we are unable to reach you, we will leave a message to have you call back and we will do our best to get back with you again.


Refills should be requested through your pharmacy. Once you contact them they will "email" us through the electronic medical records system. This allows a more accurate and quicker response. New medications and some refills may require an office visit. In order to appropriately treat you the physician may need an evaluation and sometimes lab work. Any exceptions made are only done by the physician.

Controlled Substances

Because of the specific regulations and guidelines the physicians are responsible for upholding we require any lost or stolen prescriptions be reported to our office immediately. In most cases we cannot replace these prescriptions. Any exceptions made are only done by the physician.


Our physicians will utilize sample medications if they are available. These are not intended to replace a prescription long term. We use them to identify whether or not the medication will be tolerated or produce the desired outcome. If this medication is determined successful a prescription will be sent to your pharmacy. When a sample is used the physician or his/her nurse will leave it at the front desk for you to pick up at your convenience.


As a specialistís office, it may be a requirement of your insurance for an authorization or referral to be completed prior to your appointment with us or any other specialist we may coordinate your care with. Generally in the state of Texas, preventative services with an OBGYN should not require an authorization or referral; however it is each patientís responsibility to verify or obtain this when necessary. Referrals are submitted to the insurance for review, leaving us to wait for an answer. Sometimes this is immediate and sometimes it could take up to a week. If an authorization or referral is needed, we must have the final authorization number prior to seeing you. Retro-active authorizations/referrals are very difficult and often not possible to obtain, therefore if you are seen with another physician and an authorization/referral was needed, we will not be able to do so. Our staff will work together to communicate with you regarding referrals for our office and services; however we ask patients to communicate with our patient coordinator when an appointment is scheduled with another physician, to ensure we can assist you in the process before you are seen. If you are being seen for a problem we did not evaluate and/or treat, your Primary Care Physician (PCP) will be responsible for assisting you.

Please assist our benefits coordinator when an appointment is scheduled that may need an authorization or referral by leaving the following information:

  • State then spell the first and last name of the patient
  • State the date of birth
  • State the name of the specialist that you are planning to see
  • State the date of the appointment
  • State your insurance carrier
  • Provide a call back phone number