About Comprehensive OB/GYN

Comprehensive OB/GYN is located in McKinney and offers complete healthcare for women – Your Body, Your Baby, Your Health. We help our patients stay healthy by promoting comprehensive services. Our sterling reputation for up-to-date medical expertise and our warmth and dedicated professionalism is unmatched. Our primary goal is having our staff and physicians working together diligently to provide you with a compassionate setting and state-of-the-art care. We pride ourselves in the ability to relay information to our patients in a way that it is understood and allows enough time for your questions. Our philosophy is; informed patients make better patients. Our baby picture wall is our showcase of our pride and joy deliveries. It encompasses our promise; “When it comes to Women’s Health, We Deliver.”

Dr. Cesar Reyes began Comprehensive OB/GYN in 2006. Dr. Renee Chan joined the practice in 2007 and Dr.’s Gerald Luciani and Sean Sadler joined in 2011 and Dr. Maria Reyes joined in 2014. All five physicians are women’s health care specialists who appreciate the various needs of our patients, from low to high risk pregnancies, infertility, contraception, menopause, hormonal changes and annual checkups to in office procedures, outpatient and inpatient surgeries.

With the advancements and changes in health care, our doctors continue their education to stay informed of new technologies to help maintain the excellent care we provide. The daVinci Robotic Surgical System is an example of how we use new technology. We also utilize Electronic Medical Records to ensure wherever we are caring for you, your information is readily available. EMR also allows you, the patient, to access your full patient record. The Patient Portal gives you the ability to update your personal information, request medication refills, appointments, send messages, check on your upcoming appointments, review your account statement and so much more!

Our staff works as a team to meet your needs. Our warm receptionists are there to greet you. We have account representatives who file your claims and work with your insurance company on your behalf to ensure your benefits are properly applied to your visit. Our nurses accompany you throughout your appointment, noting the reason for your visit, preparing any tests or examinations, updating your record for the physician and coordinating any future appointments with us or another specialist. Our Practice Manager is available to answer questions or concerns you may have regarding any component of your care or when additional assistance is needed.

We encourage you to make an appointment to speak with our physicians to learn more about us and to provide us with an opportunity to learn about how we may serve you.