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When vaginal rejuvenation in McKinney, TX is right for you
June 13, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A woman with curly hair and a grey hoodie in front of a blue backdrop. The hood is pulled up and she's laughing. Vaginal rejuvenation in McKinney, TX will make you feel young again.

Low self-esteem has far-reaching consequences on your life. Particularly for women experiencing self-consciousness about vaginal appearance and functionality, this wreaks havoc on self-confidence. That’s why vaginal rejuvenation in McKinney, TX is so great! MonaLisa Touch is incomparable. Painless and easy, this unrivaled laser procedure even produces immediate results. Now common in practices nationwide, at Comprehensive OB/GYN, we’re proud to be MonaLisa Touch’s first adopters.

Here’s when MonaLisa Touch is the right decision:

Intercourse is painful

If intercourse has become consistently painful or uncomfortable, vaginal rejuvenation in McKinney, TX is the perfect treatment. This is often a consequence of a dry vagina.

As you get older, you produce less estrogen. This causes a loss of natural lubrication. However, sex is a vital part of relationships and health, and when it becomes chronically uncomfortable, it’s easy to forfeit hope for change. Luckily, MonaLisa Touch restores moisture levels and strengthens vaginal walls.

In as little as one painless treatment, you’ll feel rejuvenated as your feminine tissues generate collagen and elastin again. Within a month, you’ll feel good as new. If intercourse has become painful, and you feel like you’re out of options, MonaLisa Touch is the perfect solution.

You experience incontinence

A major sign you should consider vaginal rejuvenation in McKinney, TX is you’ve started suffering from incontinence. The MonaLisa Touch is a particularly effective treatment.

When you’re at home, this is often more of an inconvenience. However, in public, the sheer anxiety of every sneeze, cough, and fit of laughter cannot be understated. This can devastate your social life by causing you to stay home more frequently to avoid embarrassment.

By rejuvenating urogenital structures, the MonaLisa Touch is literally an answered prayer. It thickens your mucosal tissue, and in turn, these urogenital structures become more nourished, hydrated, and toned.

Even better, your pelvic floor and urethra muscles are also strengthened and tightened. The MonaLisa Touch is the surest way to regain control over uncooperative urinary discharges, and no practice is more capable than the one that adopted it first.

You’ve had a child

One of the most common reasons people consider vaginal rejuvenation in McKinney, TX is they’ve had a child. The MonaLisaTouch in particular is an ideal solution under these circumstances.

A major appeal of this procedure is it’s painless. Particularly if you’ve endured childbirth, you’ve had more than your fair share of pain for a while. However, this non-invasive procedure can resolve the aftermath of birth pain-free.

Childbirth stretches your vaginal muscles. This, ultimately, has side effects ranging from lack of sexual sensation to urinary incontinence. Even worst, life after childbirth is different. Libidos are diminished and self-esteem often takes a nosedive.

Childbirth’s effects on the vagina are major detriments to confidence. This in and of itself has manifold consequences. With MonaLisa Touch, laser systems stimulate the generation of new, healthy skin cells that enhance the aesthetic and functionality of vaginal tissue.

The MonaLisa Touch even improves and facilitates blood circulation in the area, which results in overall, improved vaginal health.

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If you’re considering vaginal rejuvenation in McKinney, TX, Comprehensive OB/GYN is your only solution. As the first practice to adopt the innovative, supremely effective MonaLisa Touch, we always lead the charge of progress. We’re board-certified and pride ourselves on transparent communication. that prioritizes educating patients on all aspects of their care. With our help, you can turn back time. Schedule an appointment now!