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Patient information

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Preparing for your visit

  • Forms

    Comprehensive OB/GYN provides forms online to help expedite the office visit. Here you can find Patient Demographics, Financial Office Policy General Consent, HIPAA Consent, Communication Method and other forms before your appointment.

  • Billing Information

    We have tried to answer many of the questions we receive in regards to paying for services and how to better work with insurance carriers. Your questions are as important as our answers - this page will continue to be developed as we hear from our patients and future customers.

  • Clinical Information

    Lab work is ordered based on medical necessity, or as requested by the patient. This option for testing is a key component for identifying current or potential problems. We continue to learn and research our technologies to ensure our care is as comprehensive and beneficial to you as our patient. Some testing we can do in our office, but most are sent out to an independent facility. We do our best to choose a facility within your insurance network to reduce out of pocket cost, however it is difficult to stay current on all physicians and facilities as these status can change periodically and we do not always get notified. Please become familiar with your lab benefits, as well as office/medical benefits.

  • Patient Information

    Patient information is required for each new patient and annually for all established patients. We will ask for several pieces of information needed to load you into our system and successfully file claims to your insurance company. Some information is sensitive to some patients and we respect this however all information we obtain is necessary, in most cases, for several reasons. We are very proactive at keeping your information protected. One way is our Electronic Medical Records system vs. paper charts. This reduces the potential for your information to be “laying around” or easily accessible. We are compliant with all HIPAA regulations to keep our internet connections secure and only applicable employees have access.

  • Office Policies

    Filing Claims: Please be sure you inform us of any updates or changes to your insurance so we have your current information. If we do not have current information this will delay payment and possibly cause you to have unexpected expenses. You will be asked to completely fill out a new information profile every year. These profiles expire one year after being signed.

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