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Comprehensive OBGYN Vs. a Primary Care Physician
January 17, 2022 at 5:00 AM
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Thanks to the advancements in modern medicine, people can go to their primary care physician (PCP) for just about anything. From getting a flu shot to an annual pap smear, PCP’s can help with a myriad of issues. But what’s the difference between working with an OBGYN and a primary care physician?

Here at Comprehensive OBGYN in McKinney, TX, we can diagnose, treat and holistically address any number of issues for women. But our focus is different from primary care physicians. While you may want to work with your PCP or a General Practitioner for overarching health concerns, you should consider seeing a comprehensive OBGYN for your obstetrical and gynecological concerns. Here are some differences between an OBGYN and a primary care physician.

PCPs can do general annual physicals

It’s important to get your annual physical each year, which includes a pap smear if you’re 21 years or older. A primary care physician can perform an annual physical to check your vital signs, run bloodwork and address any general concerns you may have. They can also perform a pap smear, pelvic exams and breast exams. And they can provide you with referrals to other specialists. However, they cannot address more acute concerns or issues, like reproductive concerns or managing treatment for an abnormal pap smear.

An OBGYN can address more specific or complicated issues

While an OBGYN can’t give you an annual physical examination, they can assist with plenty of other more specific issues. For example, they can help with abnormal pap smear treatment, reproductive and fertility issues, menopausal concerns and more. They also have the ability to run diagnostic tests that can give you plenty of information about your current state and what changes you may need to make.

Both PCPs and OBGYN doctors want to help you feel better

More often than not, physical ailments are the result of a few different issues that happen at the same time. And while you may want to be able to get all your answers in one visit, you'll rarely be able to identify and treat your symptoms in one go. That said, both PCPs and OBGYN doctors want to help you find a solution to your issues. And they can often work together to create a realistic treatment plan to help you work towards your wellness goals. Your health is important, so why not get the right kind of support? In the end, it’s worth it to ensure you have as much information as possible about your current state and to have a clear path towards staying healthy.

At Comprehensive OBGYN, we believe in approaching any issues with an open mind and a collaborative nature. Our highly experienced team is well versed in addressing all kinds of issues, from standard pap smears and mammograms to more advanced treatments like Myriad Genetic Screening. We want to make sure all of our patients feel welcomed, informed and supported as they work towards the healthiest version of themselves.

Curious to learn more about our services? Contact us today! We can’t wait to hear from you.