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Women's Wellness

Women's Wellness: Vaginal Health and Aesthetic Services

Comprehensive means caring for the whole you. We’re elevating women’s health with nonsurgical procedures to address many of the common concerns women and moms deal with.


    A vaginal thermal skin tightening device


    A microneedling/RF device for vaginal rejuvenation

  • V Tone

    Electrical muscle stimulation for pelvic floor rehabilitation and urinary incontinence

  • Aviva

    A non-surgical approach to labiaplasty

  • Morpheus 8

    Microneedling/RF that promotes tissue remodeling and skin resurfacing

  • Tone

    Abdominal muscle toning via electrical muscle stimulation

  • Morpheus 8 Body

    Microneedling/RF is a device for deep tissue remodeling, reducing cellulite and skin tightening

  • MonaLisa Touch

    Vaginal rejuvenation treatment based on a special CO2 fractional laser.

Nonsurgical Solutions for Women

Multiple solutions to achieve your
desired results.

Schedule a consultation to determine the best treatment for you!